About Us

Hemani Homes is a division of Alex Hemani Companies.  We specialize in home renovation with the objective to sell to the general public. From a tear down to a fixer upper we purchase homes to fully renovate them to current market trends. All of our homes are renovated to meet city/ state code requirements.  We only use the best of the best licensed skilled trades ensuring all repairs and equipment are completed to pass all home inspections.  Hemani Homes takes pride in the renovation of our homes being able to showcase them in the DFW market.

Alex Hemani

Single Family Rentals Becomes an Investment Strategy

In the early 2000’s, Alex Hemani and two partners began investing in spec homes, building one at a time, and then investing the profits into the next one. By the middle of the decade, Alex believed that the residential real estate bubble would soon burst, and he began an investment strategy that today is embraced by everybody from mom-and-pop investors, to Wall Street financiers: Single Family Rentals (SFR).

Back then, Alex concluded that home value appreciation that was running then more than double household income increases, was not sustainable, especially for young families. Demographics were changing too, and many people who would historically be looking to buy their first home, were saddled with student loan debt and valued personal flexibility and lifestyle, over home ownership.

a division of Alex Hemani Companies